Overview of the Christmas Bonanza Slot Game

If developer Big Time Gaming gets its way, gold mining will soon be as synonymous with the holiday season as Santa Claus and presents under the tree. In an effort to get a foothold in the competitive Christmas slot market, the developer has released a festive take on one of its most popular games. They’ve accomplished this with minimum meddling, allowing the original game to shine while also evoking the seasonal feels. So, without further ado, let’s turn on Christmas Bonanza Megaways and discover whether the enchantment is still there.

Bonanza was a game that popularized Megaways and is now considered a rite of passage for slot players. Akin to how Pulp Fiction is required viewing for aspiring filmmakers. There was something about it that caught the eye of gamblers. Even while the mine entrance sequence from Christmas Bonanza isn’t quite as shocking as it once was, it’s still fascinating, especially with all the fresh snow. High-paying diamonds are being replaced by high-paying gift boxes with ribbons, just as snow is a clear sign that Christmas has arrived. These kinds of subtle nods to the holiday season show that BTG hasn’t gone overboard with the theme, so you can enjoy yourself without feeling like you’ve been overfed.

In Christmas Bonanza, there are 6 standard reels and an additional horizontal reel with 4 symbols located above reels 2 through 5. With the dynamic Megaways gaming engine, the exact amount of symbols on the reels varies with each spin, allowing for an unprecedented maximum of 117,649 possible combinations every game. Christmas Bonanza, like its non-holiday counterparts, is a highly volatile slot with a return to player percentage of 96% when played consistently.

Christmas Bonanza may be played for anywhere from 20 cents to £/€40 each spin, and possible winnings occur whenever a combination of symbols appears, starting with the leftmost reel and continuing across neighboring reels. For the lows, a royal flush with a 9 is valued between 0.8 and 1.75 times the wager for a full house, while a full house with a green, blue, red, or purple gift box is worth between 2 and 50 times the bet. The last symbol is the wild, which may be used in place of any of the standard pay symbols.

Slot Bonuses in the Christmas Bonanza

With its traditional set of features including responses, free spins with a limitless multiplier, and in certain countries, a bonus purchase, Bonanza has served as the foundation for a slew of subsequent Megaways slots.


The traditional Megaways combination: when a winning way is formed, that way disappears from the playing field and is replaced by symbols falling from above. As long as fresh wins continue to land after the symbols drop or move, the board is cleared and the process begins again.

Bonus Turns

Scatters appear as gold squares, and when you get four of them (to spell G. O. L. D.), you get 12 free games. More than four scatters will trigger an additional five free games if they appear. Free spins can be retriggered by landing 3 or 4 scatter symbols during the feature. The limitless multiplier during free spins, which begins at x1, is a major perk. Each reaction victory adds one to the win multiplier, and there is no cap on how high it may go.

Additional Purchase Bonus

If this option is legal in your jurisdiction, you can purchase free spins for 90x your initial wager. The payout percentage rises to 96.11% if you spend money on free spins.

Fortune in the Slots: The Christmas Verdict

What could you say, even if people had complained about Christmas Bonanza? Criticizing Christmas Bonanza for being too similar to the original would be like making a rookie mistake in online slots. It would be like picking apart the Mona Lisa to find its flaws rather than taking in the masterpiece as a whole. We may be going a little too far, but you get the idea. Bonanza was a groundbreaking slot machine, but due to the proliferation of similar games in its aftermath, it may now look quaint and antiquated. If you didn’t catch Bonanza the first time around, you can’t dispute the influence it has had on modern slot machines.

Therefore, there isn’t much to say about Christmas Bonanza that hasn’t already been stated several times about Bonanza. It combines the enchantment of Megaways with that of responses and win multipliers in a way that was nearly impossible to ignore at the time and that others have sought to replicate with varying degrees of success. When compared to the usual fare of video games that clock in at 100,000x or more maximum winnings, its promised potential holds its own.  Some exist just on paper, while others have been demonstrated to really work. If you’re looking for hard numbers, Christmas Bonanza may provide with winnings of up to 5,400x the wager in the main game and 26,000x in free spins. However, if the original Bonanza is any indication, your chances of winning more than 2,000 times in the holiday special are about as good as hitting a snowball in hell.

If we really want to pick holes, we could say that the game isn’t really Christmassy, though whether or not it was intentional is open to debate. Players wishing for a truly immersive Christmas game that unloads everything the season is famous for might feel a little short-changed due to the lack of Santa, tinsel, and mistletoe, but this has no bearing on the primary gameplay experience. Aside from this potential complaint, Christmas Bonanza is a great pick for lighting up on the big day.






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